Pro Pedelec

10 Points pro Pedelec


Pedelecs need less parking space than cars.


Pedelecs use available space on the road more efficiently. In cities, Pedelecs overcome distances which are similar to cars.


Compared to a car, pedelecs are extremely cheap in perchase costs, usage, and maintenance. Leasing models enable pedelec usage of 40,00 € a month or less.


Pedelecs cause low CO2 emissions and are silent.


Pedelecs are safer on the road because they are slower and lighter.


Pedelecs meet most mobility needs of everyday life. They are even cheaper, healthier and cleaner than cars.


According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 30 minutes cycling a day can prolong cyclists` life for up to 8 years.


250 Wh are enough to ride a distance of 33 km. As much energy is needed to heat 10 l of water.


By usage of electricity out of renewable resources, energy efficiency can be slightly optimized and CO2 emissions can be slightly reduced.

Climate targets

The more pedelecs on the road, the easier CO2 emissions can be reduced. Especially because pedelecs replace car rides.

Prepared within the EU GoPedelec! projekt: Hanbook on Pedelecs and E-Bikes